This podcast has been years in the making...


What started as a sort-of-memoir, based mostly on true events, recalling the shit show that was my coming out, dating life, and growing up has turned into an ever-evolving project delving into topics of gender and sexuality, as well as hilarious stories. These are tales of discovery, triumph, heartache, casual sex, love, and so much more.


leading man

Chris Rhodes is a transgender man from Austin, TX. Until his early 20's he identified as a lesbian (before realizing that transitioning was an option for anyone, let alone himself), these stories are his own, based on his perspective, meant to not only reflect but shed light on the life of one queer person trying to find their way in the world, and also to entertain of course. Most of the names have been changed, twice, and details are left pretty vague to mostly conceal the identities of anyone involved. 



These podcasts are recorded by Chris and his twin sister, Courtney who was around or nearby for a lot of these stories, usually toeing the line between egging Chris on and warning him to get his shit together. Courtney calls him on his BS and makes sure he doesn't make himself look too good. Courtney might end up stealing the show, with her Demi Moore voice and dry wit. She is also responsible for all the horrifying photoshop images seen on the blog.